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Convert RAID0 to single drive

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I am on Server 2012 with a RAID0 array and have run out of space on C:. What I am thinking is to convert my RAID0 to a single drive and clone it to a new SSD with more capacity. Can I do this with Acronis Disc Director? I am open to other, better solutions in terms of hardware. All help is appreciated.

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Hello Metthew,

thank you for your posting! I think you could achieve better results creating a full backup of your system and then restoring it to a new drive. You can install a free trial of Acronis Backup for that This would be a more safe way of migration since the original data would remain untouched and plus you'd have another full copy.  Going back to cloning with Acronis Disk Director, I believe the conversion is not necessary? Acronis Disk Director should normally see the array as a single drive and clone it to a new source as is. If the array is displayed as separate drives, it means the product is lacking drivers and you can use a WinPE-based bootable media with additional drivers for the RAID controller

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