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Converting MBR to GPT

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The manual says that by right clicking on an MBR drive, I should get a choice to Convert MBR to GPT. However, in my just-installed version 12, that choice does not appear. Does anyone know why?

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Hello William,

thank you for your posting! Did you check the limitations below? 

Important: If you have a primary volume, belonging to an MBR disk, and convert the disk first to GPT and then back to MBR, the volume will be logical and will not be able to be used as a boot volume. You can convert this volume to primary, as described in Converting a logical volume to primary (p. 35).

Important: The basic MBR disk that contains the boot volume with the currently running operating system cannot be converted to GPT.

If no limitation applies to your case, please attach a screenshot illustration the issue, so that we can see the disk layout and partition properties.