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DD 12.5, Disk Clone, quick question

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 Hey y'all, got DD 12.5 and I love it!!

I am about ready to clone 2 storage disks onto 2 NEW larger disks, and I have a quick question about how DD lists the existing disks in the computer.

 Are the disks as listed Disk 1, Disk 2, Disk 3 yada yada, are they AS IS plugged into the computer SATA ports? Like does Disk 1 = Port 1?

Thanks, and sorry for if this question is lame, I want to know because I have 8 disks in this PC and want to know which ones to remove when replacing them.


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Hello Robert,

welcome to Acronis forums and sorry for the delayed response! In Windows and under a Linux-based bootable media there should be no differences in letter assignment - the layout should match the OS representation. 

But you decide to use a WinPE/based bootable media, the letters might differ. Here one of our MVPs Steve Smith illustrates how the letter assignment looks like in case of multiple drives connected

It is advised that users create Volume labels (names) for their drive volumes so that the user can determine which are correct e.g. "Win 10 C".  This shows up in the boot media and you know for sure that you're working with the correct partition (volume). 

Another precaution measure would be having a sound system backup prior any operations with the drives. Thus you'll be on the safe side when cloning your drives.