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DD11 Is Crashing

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This is probably only the second time I've used DD11. Since upgrading to Windows 10, I needed to run it to re-adjust the partitions on my C: drive. I saw a black screen with error codes on it, so I took a picture of the screen with my phone. It is attached.

Can anyone decipher this?

Ultimately, I used the Windows 10 Disc Manager under Control Panel/Administrative tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disc Management(local). This went to the virtual disc service, and I was able to re-adjust my partition(s). Is using DD11(12) obsolete?


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Hi CC_Rider,
Windows 10 is not supported by Acronis Disk Director 11:
Thank you,

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Forum – Acronis Disk Director 11 I left 10-12-2015

Cut and dry answer that is not an answer regarding DD11 compatibility with Windows 10 and failing to answer questions about if DD11 can even work as described.

I have spent a ton of money on Acronis apps and none are working right, crashing all the time and no way to get help unless I spend MORE money buying and INCIDENT for each problem not even for each product even though I have multiple probs with each app, ie True Image, Disk Director, Advanced Recovery, etc

I am going to spend my more on upgrading my current Acronis apps even though the versions I have have never been reliable even with all available updates installed??? I will spend my money on some other company, I have spent enough on Acronis, you guys once were very good but now just greedy software pigs like most of the rest. New Corp bought out original company which was good and now a monster software money glutton is left.

Dissatisfied, discouraged once loyal customer, but who cares????