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DD12 Build 3270: How to make a WinPE Bootable Media on USB Flash Drive?

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Disk Direcror 12 doesn't have an option to burn a bootable rescue media to USB flash drive.  In the Wizard it has an option to burn a DVD or an ISO, but doesn't see my USB flash drive.

True Image 2016 does, so why not Disk Director 12 Build 3270?  I can create an ISO, so is there a way to burn the ISO to a USB stick?  Anyone able to make a bootablr usb flash drive?


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I use a third party program called RMPrepUSB to create the USB drive from an ISO file. Setup the program as shown in the attached jpg. When you select the ISO file you will see a window open asking if you want to copy the folder. Select the "NO" button. When you click the "Prepare Drive" button you will get two more windows that open. Select the "OKAY" button both times.

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Please follow the instruction to create a WinPE Bootable Media on a USB Flash Drive:

1. Create a WinPE ISO;
2. Connect a flash drive to your computer (All data on the flash drive will be erased);
3. Click Start -> run CMD (Command prompt) as Administrator;
4. Type DISKPART and hit Enter key;
5. Type List disk and hit Enter key;
6. Type Select disk X (where "X" is a number of the flash drive) and hit Enter key;
7. Type Clean and hit Enter key;
8. Type Create partition primary and hit Enter key;
9. Type Active and hit Enter key;
10. Type Format fs=fat32 quick and hit Enter key;
11. Extract content of the created WinPE ISO to the flash drive using 7zip tool, for example.

Now the flash drive is bootable.

You can look at the attached screenshot to see what the flash drive should contain.


Best regards.

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The WinPE created by the Disk Director 12 media builder has registry errors.  The WinPE created with MVP Mustang's MustangPEBuilder doesn't have these errors.

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Hello, Joey

This is a known issue (ticket ADD-2863).

As a workaround you can use this solution.

Best regards.

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