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DD12 Release and the Sticky

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Just purchased DD12 and now reading the sticky I find that it is totally unusable in my systems with OSS installed. Can anybody advise me why this is and what users of OSS are advised to do ???????

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Can you please describe the issue in more detail? What OSs do you use?

The following OSs are supported:
Windows XP - all editions
Windows Vista - all editions
Windows 7 - all editions
Windows 8 - all editions
Windows 8.1 - all editions

Best regards.

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OSS = Acronis OS Selector

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Is there any effort being put towards making Disk Director 12 compliant with Windows 10? DD12 was a champ in Windows 8.1, but will not currently work in Windows 10. We dedicated DD12 users hope this incompatibility can be addressed with an upgraded DD12 that will be Windows 10-compliant.

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Hi Mark,

yes, our development is working on Windows 10 support implementation in Acronis Disk Director 12.

But ETA hasn't been shared yet.

Thank you,