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DD12.96 dosn't support AIK Win10-1803

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It's realy impossible. Customers like me are waiting for a new update of Acronis Disc Director. Then after many month a new release was published - 12.0.96 with only security improvements?

And what about the versioning? 12.0.3223 then 12.0.3297 then 12.0.96 isn't a standard of versioning!

With the new version of DD and Windows AIK 10-1803 I can't make a bootable media, because it isn't supported.

So my question to Ekaterina Surkova | Forum Moderator: "How can I make a Win10 PE rescue media with installed Microsoft AIK 10-1803?

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I just ran into this issue myself, and was hoping that someone from the company would weigh in with a prepared solution. The fact that this post remains unanswered after more than a week though leaves me feeling less than optimistic.

Has anyone tried symlinking the 1803 AIK directory to whatever location DD12 is looking for the files in? Or is this a registry lookup function where it needs to see some evidence of an earlier AIK version in some obscure registry key?

We're only as helpless as you make us guys! If a solution isn't on your support plan then just tell us, but give us the information we need to effect our own solution. Looking forward to your response.

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Hello Everyone,

This is a known limitation for Acronis Disk Director, currently it's recommended using one of the older ADKs. An upcoming update for Acronis Backup 12.5 will be compatible with the ADK for Windows 10, version 1803.

Thank you,