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Thread needs solution
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Hi, I have recently installed ADD11H on my Win 7 pro Laptop and am getting the error Component not found 0xAD0013


my searches only show true image issues, is this an easy fix or is it because ADD11H is too old?

P.S. I have checked and ADD11H is compatible with Win 7 64bit

Any help is appreciated

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Hello Benjamin,

Welcome to Acronis forums! I'd suggest re-installing the software with the disabled antivirus software and running the installation file as Administrator (even if you are logged in as Admin, here a good explanation why it's important)

Then open Windows Services: Start - > go to the Run box and type services.msc, hit Enter to open the Services Manager. Find Acronis services and make sure they are up and running. I see some cases in our internal system, where such issues was caused by the incorrect user account specified for the Acronis service.

Let me know if this helped.