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Disc Director 11 Home - Combining volume

Thread needs solution
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Disc Director 11 Home


userguide - 5.5 Merging Base Volumes
Execution according to instructions.
With empty volumes, no data no problem.

An empty volume and one with data - it is aborted / stopped approx. at the middle of the display.
Pending action will not be continued.
Undo - is not displayed.

In the ADD both volumes - local volume and store - (my previous name) are displayed as error-free.
Local volume marked with (E:) - Store no longer has a letter.

Problem: Store is no longer displayed in Explorer - no more access to the data.

When browsing files, all files are displayed. But there is no access possible.

How do I get access to the data again?  


PS: i guess the problem was caused by some filenames that were too long.

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Hello Wilfried,

Thank you for your posting and the detailed description! Have you tried assigning the letters to the affected volumes in Disk Management? If not, I'd suggest starting with that and checking if the issue is resolved.