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Disk Director 11 incorrectly rejects valid MBR drive/partition

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Win XP Pro SP3
Drive #5. SATA 1TB Seagate. Works fine. Is not a boot drive. Was initialized by XP SP3.
Disk Director 10 sees it fine. XP Disk manager sees it fine, says Partition type = MBR

Disk Director 11 (trial) on the same computer says Drive #5 is a SuperFloppy

Uninstalled DD 11, reinstalled licensed DD10. Drive #5 is fine.

Conclusion: Bug in DD11

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What OS type is shown by DD11 for this drive (Highlight partition and then select Change Type)?

Is this SATA drive internal or external?

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I had the same problem with Disk Director 11. I tried to create an image and it gave me an error that said MBR error 1. Please insert a floppy disk. I rolled back XP to a date prior to installing DD 11.