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Disk Director 12 & 12.5 no longer works

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I use DD primarily to create separate dynamic Disks within my mirrored 2 x 1TB HDD's & as such having been set up several years ago I've had no need to change anything.  however one of my dynamic disks is getting a little full whilst others are generously oversized, so time to do some re-sizing.  DD starts up, goes through all the motions of re-sizing, re-boots my PC & absolutely nothing has changed.

My system runs good old W7-64; I also have on up to date version of Acronis True Image, some of the forum threads seem to indicate the updating of TI may have caused this problem but working that out is beyond my PC skillset!

Yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to u/g to 12.5, did so & no change, THE PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK!

Anyone able to offer any assistance?

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I have a similar problem. Product support has been no help. Cannot resolve. I've requested a refund. I'll see what happens.

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Hey all, Try this. I had the same problem when queuing more than one task to complete.

I did one at a time and tested each one and it works.

I guess they have a problem with performing more than one task at a time.

Maybe just a simple coding error? Let's see what they do with this.