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Disk Director 12 Build 3297 and NVME support ?

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Hi folks.

The latest version of Acronis Disk Director 12 seems to be build 3297.  

Does this support NVMe SSD through Linux based bootable rescue media ?  (Specifically, Intel 750 PCI-E NVMe SSD)

I searched Google and it seems that Acronis True Image 2018 supports NVMe SSDs no problem.  Can anyone confirm if the latest version of Disk Director 12 also support NVMe ?

If confirmed, I am going to purchase both True Image 2018 and Disk Director 12.

Thank you.

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Hi Ethan,

NVMe drives are supported in Acronis Disk Director 12, however there can be cases, when a drive is not recognized due to other reasons, e.g. Dell sometimes set the SATA mode in the bios to RAID instead of AHCI  - in this particular case a standard Linux BM likely won't have necessary drivers to detect the drive and you'll either need to build a custom BM with drivers (WinPE-based media) or disable RAID mode in the bios.  

I'd like to note, that we guarantee a full refund of Acronis Disk Director 12 within 30 days if it was bought through our online store ( Here you can find more information about our refund policy for home products

Thank you,