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Disk Director 12 had problems initializing disks

Thread needs solution
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I am using Disk Director 12 under Windows 10 (latest everything) under VMWare 10.1.2 (latest version) on a Mac.

On Window XP/VMware/Mac I never had any problems with Disk Director or TrueImage. 

On all new stuff major problems with both products.


I'll address Disk Director here. Using VMWare, I create a virtual disk and attach it. Then I boot Windows 10. If I start Windows Computer Management, and start Disk Management, it wants to initialize the new disk, then assign a drive letter to it. Everything OK and the drive is available by drive letter. BUT--- doing the exact same process of creating a virtual disk and attach it, then boot. THIS TIME, I start Acronis Disk Director instead and attempt to create a partition then initialize it, it doesn't seem to do anything including the drive letter doesn't show up anywhere in my utilities.


Seems broken!


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Hello Ronald,

I've discussed your case with the product team and according to my colleagues such scenario should work (given that the guest OS of the VM is supported by Acronis Disk Director). One of the support engineers will get in touch with you to investigate the issue.

Thank you,