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Disk Director 12 not displaying / finding RAID 10 Volume / HDD's

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Hi, I have Acronis Disk Director 12 running on Windows 10 Pro Ver 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1110).

I have just completed aggregating 4 x 10TB HDD's using the 'Windows Storage Pool' tool into 2 x 2 Mirrors.

I then 'Stripped' them using 'Windows Disk Management System' so that I now have an effective RAID 10 setup.

Windows 'Disk Management' shows the RAID 10 as 2 x Dynamic Disks (#6 & # 7) with the same volume label (so that’s all good).

'Windows Explorer' shows the 2 disks as a single volume (D:/) and as expected, it is twice the size of the 2x individual mirrored volumes. 

Folders and files have successfully populated the Volume (D:/)

Both 'Macruim Reflect' Ver 8, and 'EaseUS Partition Master' Ver 15.8, are able to display and identify the RAID 10 volume (D:/) as a single volume Dynamic Disk (as expected).


My Acronis 'Disk Director 12' (build 12.0.96), does not populate the disk volume (D:/).  It is missing, but does show / display my other drives correctly.

Why is the Disk Director 12 not capturing the volume (D:/) drive(s) please, and how can this be fixed?


Any suggestions / help is much appreciated, thanks.

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Hello Christopher,

thank you for your posting! As a workaround, you may want using a WinPE bootable media, which usually solves most of the detection issues and allows adding the specific drivers. Alternatively, we'd recommend raising a support ticket for investigation (a latest build is required, you can install a free trial version of Acronis Disk Director 12.5 from the website)