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Disk Director 12.5 Errors On New Lenovo X1

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Disk Director is unable to complete the operations following the needed reboot:

Error occurred:
Text: The command uses a missing object.
Code: 0000000000360198 441E730962703F63
Text: The command contains an incorrect ID>
Code: 0000000000360197 58A1AE92511B0307

It also cannot be run from the USB media created from the software. Following selection of Disk Director from the boot menu, the laptop stops, just stops, it's still on but the screen is blank and will not respond to any input. I have successfully run True Image 2020 both from within windows and the boot drive drive. I have disabled Secure Boot and every other option in the BIOS that I believe could possibly affect booting from an external source but it still seems to me that something is locking the drive from being written to. 

I have many years of experience with both True Image and Disk Director and have done these exact operations hundreds of times on many various types of systems, so it's not a user error issue. Really need help with this one, thanks.

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Any help on this? I believe I may have tracked it down to Windows bitlocker on the affected drive but I'm not certain and am hesitant to disable it on this now configured system.

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Hello Peter,

I've found cases showing a similar behavior and the resolution was to disable Bitlocker encryption prior starting operations with the drive. Please check if Bitlocker is enabled on your drives.

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I had the same problem with my Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 10, and I was able to resize the volume after disabling BitLocker. Thanks for the tip!