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Disk Director edit disk search

Thread needs solution
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Disk Director 12 > Edit disk > search

When I type the search criteria in the hex window and then click OK. It does not find the criteria I type but some other criteria. I do not know where this came from. Also, there is no way to view the criteria being used for the search.


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Hello Robert,

Welcome to Acronis forums! According to the information in our internal sources this is a known issue (internal number for reference /ADD-2161).

The search function in fact locates the correct items, however in some cases you need to jump 1 sector back.



If you take a look at the screenshots above, the search is actually accurate, however, the cursor position is exactly one sector lower e.g. it highlights "Epson" (sector 17, 227) instead of "Dynamem" (sector 17, 226).

For some reason this does not happen always, if you search within a close range, the sector is shown correctly. 

Unfortunately there is no ETA for the fix.