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Disk Director Server can't resize ntfs with no reason

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I have Acronis Disk Director Server 10 in Wndows 2003 r2 server.

I need to add space to my volume sized 193GB, and have empty space before and after Volume. olume have 10 GB free space. When I select it, acronis performs some check, and not gove me possibility to change volume size, I can only shift it foward and backward.

Then on picture with color disks representation in start show with red circle.

No any errors, no any other reasons showed.

How can I grow my folume on fileserver?

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The red "C" on the partition graphic usually means that DD has detected errors in the file system. Run chkdsk /f on the partition and see if it helps. Also, look for any bad sectors listed in the final report. Most operations are blocked on partitions with bad sectors.

If everthing checks out okay, you might try booting to the DD CD and seeing if it will work better.

It's recommended to have a complete image backup of the drive prior to making partitioning changes.