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Failed to obtain actual information about the disk sub system

Thread needs solution
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Disk Director 11 Build 2343

Error Details

Code: 9,764,873(0x950009)
Module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\DiskDirector\mmsBundle.dll
Message: Failed to create View.

Code: 3,539,346(0x360192)
Message: Fdisk operation has failed.

Code: 1,049,727(0x10047F)
Message: An internal error.

ASUS Laptop G75
Intel i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3
Memory: 8GB
HD0: SATA 1TB [Type: GPT]
HD1: SATA 256 MB (SSD) [Type: GPT]
OS: Win 7 x64 bit

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I'm having similar problem and when error code is sent to Acronis, no response!!!

Acronis Knowledge Base:

Event code: 0x00950009+0x00360192+0x00100C01+0x00100C01

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Having similar error with Disk Management part, loading from USB or CD, Acro versions 11 ...437 and 11...440 (latest as of Dec 2013):

Seen on Thinkpad W500 - windows 64 bit pro - had used Partition Magic mini tool v8 2013 after recovery from tib on a new drive,because it would not boot properly after imaging - then Win 7 recovery and Paragon 11 to correct active drive, and hide or de letter system partition.
Initially Win system backup would not work either, but with un hiding system partition turned out OK

Error code

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This occurs If you have a blank (unpartitioned) disk in your system. Partition your drive and retry.

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Some months ago I built a new System utilising an AMD X470 mobo & AMD Ryzen 7 CPU (details in H/W Signature at end of Post).

I have had this Error ever since building this System and it appeared non-coincidental, with ADD v12 and had assumed ithe error was due to ADD v12 not recognising the AMD X470 chipset, so installed a Trial of ADD v12.5, thinking this update had been created to solve that problem, but this version has the same problem.
I have had all versions of ADD Home since v10 & never had this problem before.

I do not have any blank discs installed, but had some non-partitioned spaces on 3 discs, so partitioned those spaces, just in case, due to one of the answers in this Post.


- Error details message = "Failed to obtain information about the disk sub system"

- Code:  9,764,873(0x950009)
Message: Failed to create View.

- Code:  3,539,346(0x360192)
Message: Fdisk operation has failed.

- Code:  1,049,727(0x10047F)
Message: An internal error.

- Event Code = 0x00950009+0x00360192+0x0010047F

- Acronis Error Code reporting website message = "There is no information about this error available now."




CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 CPU @ Stock
RAM: Corsair 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4-2133 MHz CMK16GX4M2B3000C15
OS: Win7 x64 bit
    - Contains C: ptn
SSD1: 500GB Samsung 970 NVMe SSD (NVME) [PTN STYLE: GPT] [PTNS: 2x incldg visible EFI ptn]

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Hello IHTurbo,

as per my experience, this error message is usually displayed when there is a drive with the unsupported file system (prob external drive) connected to the machine 

Here is the list of supported file systems: 

  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • NTFS
  • Ext2
  • Ext3
  • Reiser3 
  • Linux SWAP
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Hi Ekaterina,

Unfortunately, neither of the above suggestions are possible, as
the only external disks I have are formated as NTFS, but were not connected to the system at any of the times I
received this error message.
Also, all of the discs have partitions, most of them more than one, as per Hardware list.
It was only yesterday that I removed the connection to the Blu-Ray Burner, the

Pioneer Blu-RW BDR-208D and installed the 512GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD

(limited SATA connections at the moment).

I have attached a screen print of my Windows Disk Manager, for verification.

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Hi IHTurbo,

The problem you are experiencing may be caused by different reasons (hardware related or environment specific)

In order to understand what is causing the issue I suggest you contact our Support Team:

Before you do that check your disks with the CHKDSK command and collect the system information (please attach it to your support case): 

Thank you!

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Hi Ekaterina,

I have since managed to create a Case # with Support (Case # 04068315 - 22/Jul/19)
and it is being looked into, but no joy yet.
Also, I cannot run an Acronis System Report, due to a similar error message.

As for CHKDSK, I have 7 discs & 15 partitions (although 4 are empty) connected ATM and only use "CHKDSK /f /r", due to its Bad Sector check, as I have never had much luck with issue fixing with "plain-jane", vanilla version CHKDSK.
CHKDSK takes long enough without these options, but on 4TB HDDs, it takes an inordiantely long amount of time.

Considering the rest of the information I have provided so far, I don't yet feel that this time would be well rewarded.

Give me a specific problem partition & I will happily run it, but none of my partitions meet the criteria you have specified previously, except maybe, the EFI partition and if it can't handle that, then I will need new software anyway!

1- 2x ADD 12.5 Error screen shots
2- 2x Acronis Knowledge Base screen shots, including "Smart Error Reporting"
    (despite ADD 12.5 not listed as an option in the drop-down list)
3- 2x pages of Win7 Disk Manager, showing all disca and Partition details
4- Acronis System Info Utility ERROR message screen shot
5- Process Monitor Log
6- A partial Kaspersky GetSystemInfo Report, hoping it would provide similar info to
    Acronis System Info Utility, minus the Acronis-specific info
7- An Acronis Disk Report
8- An MSinfo32 Report
9- Acronis Support wanted the entire Registry too, but I refused, on security grounds,
    until they can be more specific.
    They have yet to come back with the specific Registry areas required.


I feel that I have done my bit, especially after months of my own individual web searches  and research into this error.

It is time that Acronis Support earned their salaries, as they have never done so for me in the past, with ATI.

That is why I switched my Backup program to Macrium Reflect paid version.

I have today told Support that without any progress by Midnight Friday 09/Aug/19, I will buy Paragon Hard Disk Manager, which I know works and sees all the discs.

I don't particularly like it's interface, whereas I love the ADD interface (and I used to design GUI's for a living), but I NEED software that just WORKS, and pretty urgently too.


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Ekaterina wrote a reply about specific filesystems DD would support. I have the same issue as people above, with my Bootable Media (Linux-based); 'Failed to obtain actual infor...etc'.

DD 12.5 does work OK from within Win7 or Win10, however. Win7 is my default OS, so its SSD has the bootloader on it. I also have Linux Mint 19.2 installed on a separate HD, which also has a NTFS data-partition. I do not touch my Linux Ext4-partitions with DD, but it will work on the NTFS-partition. 

And on the Bootable Media, DD would also work, provided I disconnect my primary SSD (it would work with all my other disks connected). But that is NOT a solution.

It should work with all my disks connected, as all my disks can run into trouble, and then I need to be able to trust DD to save my bacon. Otherwise, it's about as useful as a flat spare tire.

Also, DD 12.5 fails to create a bootable Bootable Media. But ATI 2020 created one without any problem, fortunately.

I am still waiting for Acronis Support to come up with a solution for the Bootable Media. Should I hold my breath?

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Hi Lex (and everyone who has the same problem),

I would NOT hold your breath, but I do not expect this post to last long, as Ac-wrong-us have a habit of removing Posts they don't like, that inform people of the truth of the software and Support.

I have had a number of versions of ATI in the past (approximately 5 at last count) and had quite a few issues with various of those versions.

I was finally advised to Upgrade to the next Version to fix the problem.

I did that, with a Trial version, to no avail.

I was then advised to Upgrade again to the next (recently-released) new Version.

As the issue at hand concerned accessing a list of previous Backups (some were missing from the list), I tried this and was informed that this Version could not read old-format .TIB files, but only new-format .TIB files, which had been created by this new Version.

And so, I lost access to all my years of previous Backup versions, because I followed Support's advise and Upgraded to the latest Version.

To add insult to injury, the response to this was to Upgrade tho the new-new Version, which DID read both old & new .TIB formats, but unfortunately, I would have to pay because I just missed out on the free Upgrade window (by about 1 month).

I then decided that I had been treated as a chump long enough by Support and started to look for new Backup software.


Now let me state this quite categorically; ATI is simply the BEST Backup software out there, BUT (and it's a big butt), if it is so buggy and unreliable that you cannot rely on Restoring your Backups (old and new), what is the point of all its features?

And that horrible interface, uggghhh!

This was proven when I had the totally SERIOUS problem with ADD doing absolutely NOTHING, that it was supposed to.

After nearly 3 weeks of providing all types of information and files, screen prints of Windows' Disk Management, etc, uninstalling ADD, using the ADD Cleanup Utility and reinstalling, absolutely NO CHANGE was seen.

Nor was my disk information!


I now use Macrium Reflect Workstation Backup and Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced and don't particularly like the interface, but it just WORKS, so i can put up with it. The Ac-wrong-us GUI design team wee BOUND to stuff up the (very good) ADD GUI at some future stage anyway.

So, to my mind Ac-wrong-us Support is TOTALLY useless.


NB:- This is the last Post I will be making, as I will be deleting my Ac-wrong-us Account, as of end of this Post, so good luck one and all, especially with this particular problem.





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I forgot to mention, I also had an SSD connected and am using Windows 7.


Maybe the SSD IS the cause of the problem.




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Sorry for being so late in replying; I was busy doing my regular PC-stuff, and let Support do THEIR job.

I agree, that it is probably the SSD, that's 'to blame' for the error. That is, Acronis probably did not test DD properly with different drives, before it launched it, so now we are paying for the pleasure of betatesting their software.

I missed the sort of 'fun' you experienced with ATI 2019, because I just skipped that one: I don't do much cyber-stuff, and those were the main changes in 2019. But I did notice some weird glitches since I got ATI 2020. But, as I create more backups with it, the glitches seem to get less. In a couple of weeks all my backups will be in .tibx format, and I hope (knock on wood) that all glitches will be gone by then.

Support told me they have kicked the DD problems 'upstairs' to the tech people. Since then, I only got one message from them, asking, if the problem was still unresolved. Yeah, you bet!

I can only hope they will solve the issue before my PC will have an issue.

Hoping your solution will work out for you, and thanking you for the response to my post,



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Hello  , I  have the same problem .

Anyone aware of any progress. Not impressed so far . I  have found  True Image to be problematic and now DD 12.5  just  refuses to  show the volumes so  its as useful  as a chocolate  teapot.



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No, there has not been much progress in this matter. Support keeps asking me to send another sysinfo file, and make more screenshots or a video, but I have already supplied them with all that stuff. And I don't see much change in the errorcodes, so what's the point?

Right now, I am planning to upgrade Win7Home to Win10Home. That way, I'll have 2 versions of Win10; one for games, and one for more serious work, and maybe we'll find, that Win7 is the problem.

I have bought a NVMe SSD, and need to flash my Z87-K BIOS to be able to boot from it. Then we'll see, if the Sandisk SSD is the problem.

But I hope that you have reported the problem to Acronis Support; that way, they should be able to find out, what we have in common, hard- and software wise, and find the cause of this issue.

And everyone knows, that a chocolate teapot is  not a good idea; I would support the idea of a chocolate coffeepot, though; you just need to drink fast....



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Has similar issue.

Error code is 0x0095009+0x00360192+0x00101c04

I am using disk director 12.5. I have 4 hard disks.

Disk 1: 4 partitions (3 OS, win7, win7 test, win10 and data disk)

Disk 2,3,4: data disk

Using Director 12.5 under win10 show all disks and partitions without problem.

Using recovery USB drive failed to display (all drives)