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Failed to obtain actual information about the disk sub system.

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Tried to re-install the program but the installer rejects my activation
serial number
Recently replaced failed HDD.  Restored backup to new disk (system
image) etc).

Code:  11,337,747(0xAD0013)
Message:  Error:  Component not found.      

Please advise,

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Are you installing the latest version of Acronis Disk Director? From your account details I see that you have Acronis Disk Director 12 Upgrade key, which means you can install the latest build 3297, here the direct download link 

When activating the software make sure you insert not only the Upgrade key but also the base key from Acronis Disk Director 10. The procedure is described here

Should the issue persist, would you please attach the whole text of the error message or the installation log from the failed installation attempt. 

Thank you,