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Hello everyone,

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers that can help you to resolve most common issues.

The list will be updated frequently to address new common problems.

1. How do I post about problems that I have?

Provide a detailed description of the issue, include the full error message, AcronisInfo report and a screenshot of the disk management window. Keep in mind that technical troubleshooting is not possible on Forums. We can only suggest to try known solutions available. For any troubleshooting you will have to contact our Support Team.

2. How can I contact support?

If immediate assistance is required or you were not able to resolve the problem in the forum, a support case can be created by logging in to Acronis web-account->Get support>Click on the Start Here button->Navigate through the wizard.
Check this link for more detailed instructions.

3. Where can I download the latest build, bootable media and the User Guide?

In order to have access to the latest build of the program and the bootable media, please register the software first. After that, you will have access to them from the My Products&Download section in your user account. The user guide is available here.

4. How do I install Acronis Disk Director 11 Home? Can I install it over older versions?

Yes, you can. Check this article for instructions.

5. Where can I find all ADD11 Home articles?

You can find them here or at this link.

6 I have a problem installing ADD11 Home with ATIH2010 already installed, when I launch ATIH2010 it cannot start and prompts for reboot continuously!

Try the solution in this article.  If it does not help, please contact support. To make  ATIH2010 functional again, uninstall it from Windows add/remove programs and re-install it.

7. I have ADD11Home and ATIH2010 Home installed together. I create a boot CD with 2 program components using ATIH2010 and the ADD11 Home on the boot CD is Demo!

This is known issue with ATIH2010 media builder. We are working on a fix. As a workaround, create bootable media with ADD11 Home Media Builder.

8. I want to create a WINPE disk so that I can add my own hardware drivers to it!

Use this very detailed article for assistance.

9. What happened to WIPE and HIDE functions?

These features were intentionally removed from Home version of ADD11, however we do have them available in upcoming Advanced and Server versions of the product.

10. How can I uninstall the program in case of an emergency?

Please use our clean up utility which is available here.

11. I need to activate the OS Selector from the bootable media!

This feature is unavailable at the moment. We are currently working to implement it, but at the moment, we cannot provide any information when it will be ready.

12. What about SSD partition alignment?

Please check this detailed explanation by a member of the Acronis team.

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