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How to recover from formatted partition

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I've 3 hard disks on my computer, two in Windows XP file system, one for booting and another with data the size of each are 232 GB. The third hard disk is in Windows 7 with two partition 650 GB and 1.3 GB.

Several days ago I noticed that in Windows XP was an F disk with no format with size of 746 GB. My third disk is 3 TB size, so I formatted. When I wanted to boot from Windows 7 in my third disk, I couldn´t because no system was found. I'd tried to eliminate the recently formatted 746 GB in windows XP without results. 

What do I've to do to restore my Windows 7 filesystem as It was before formatted?

Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.

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The easiest way would be to recover your Windows 7 from a backup, however if there are no backups, I could only suggest looking at the tools that allow recovery of wiped data. 

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I agree with Ekaterina, you may try data recovery software to troubleshoot the issues. I would recommend you to try your luck with Stellar Windows data recovery software.