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I have over 100 hard drives to erase

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So..... I have over 100 drives to erase.  These drives will be given away, recycled or resold.  So far, the first drive I put on to erase with DoD is taking 10 hours.  At this rate it will take me 4 months.  Is there a different option I can choose which would still make it hard for anyone to retrieve the data and still do this within reasonable time?

Thank you all for your responses in advanced.

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You can use Acronis Disk Director. You can simple format and erase your hard disk data.

One important note If your hard get formatted once then it won't recover any data make sure you're deleting Drive "C" too. Its contain some "temp" files which used to retrieve the data

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You can try with display driver uninstaller. I hope that help!