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No support for Ext4 and XFS filesystems in Disk Director 12

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Wow, a new version of Disk Director after so many years. And yet the new version still does not support the Ext4 filesystem. And it doesn't support XFS either.

Competing products are still far ahead in terms of what filesystems they support.

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I have problem making Acronis Bootable Media; get error message 0x18000B? Did they check this before releasing?

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Hello Grindax,

thank you for your posting!

In future releases we are going to expand a list of supported operating systems and your feedback will be surely considered.

Best regards.

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Wow I can't believe they forgot about it this, there really is no excuse.
As I've finally managed to get rid of the OSS "virus" that keep corrupting and will not uninstall, and which Acronis never fixed, I will definitely be looking for another product in future.