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OS Selector unknown operating system

Thread needs solution
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It seems a known issue that OSS doesn't recognize non-english Windows XP.

Any solution?

I know is it possible to act on bootwiz.oss file but I need more info to proceed.


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Make sure you're using the latest build of DD (2,160 or later).

Is the XP entry showing up as Unknown or is it not even being found? If it's detected as unknown, the entry can usually be edited to allow OSS to use it properly.

If XP isn't found by OSS, the entry can be added manually. See this guide: Manually Adding XP to OSS

If you have any problems or want me to take a look at it, please attach a copy of the BOOTWIZ.OSS file to a post (instructions can be found here) along with a screenshot of DD (in Manual Mode) showing the drive partitions.