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OSS and TI2009

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I see in some other posts that there may be some problems with OSS and the Acronis secure zone that TI2009 puts in.  I was interested in using the "try and decide" function, and was thinking of installing this.

I have one Vista and four XPs on my computer, and Disk Director 10.2160;  I think the OSS will be the same version #.  Will this gum up the works if I install TI2009 and its secure zone?  Also, how does TI 2009 feel about being on say Vista and one of the XPs on the same computer?  What does it see in each case when it looks at the Secure Zone.  ["Hmmm, I didn't create that, where did it come from?" it might ask itself]

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I've read about those problems too, but I haven't had time to run any tests on it.

I would recommend you create an Entire Disk Image backup before you install TI 2009 and setup the SZ. That way, you can quickly restore back if it doesn't work properly.

As long as you're using the same version and build of TI in the different operating systems, I would think that TI would recognize the SZ okay. However, I don't know if it would have any problems with OSS or with the contents of the SZ (T&D files, for example). If you booted into Vista, started T&D, rebooted into a different OS (assuming TI allows it) and then booted back into Vista, would the T&D session still be available?

OSS, for example, won't let you boot into a different OS if one is hibernated (at least when it comes to Windows).