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Partition corrupted after having disk resized

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I've ran a resizing operation on my volumes, it was showed a message that it need to restart to commit that  after restart in during the process when it wanted to work on my fourth volume, got freezed and after one hour nothings happened (in 0%), so i had to restart by force, when i've got return back to my windows, this partition listed in my volumes but it could not be explored, it will show a message to format, also when i get properties window on it, the disk size shows 0 !

What should i do? This volume includes many crucial files, also i've tried many partition recovery solutions

Thank you 

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You don't happen to have a backup to fall back to, just in case, do you? Backups are key for data retention and recovery in any situation.

Even "as is", before you do anything, I would take an "offline" backup of the entire disk in its current state if you don't have anything else to revert back too.  That way, if things get worse, you can still "recover" to how things are now and try again.  

Make a backup with offline rescue media using True Image, or a free tool - something, anything!  

You may want to try using the free EaseUS partition recovery doctor after that. I'm not a fan of their backup software, and have heard mixed reviews on this tool, but it is something that is supposed to fix these types of issues. Again, before doing anything, backup what you have "as is" Right now! Should things get worse, you can then restore that backup and try again.