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Recover deleted RAID 0 volume on Windows

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I accidentally deleted a RAID 0 volume via Disk Management on Windows 10 PRO.

Is it possible to recover it using Disk Director? 

I downloaded the trial version to see if it works but if it does I'm happy to pay for the license.

What I did was the following, opened Recovery Expert, then click Manual and selected both drives:


Then click Fast.


Then click on undeleted volume

and then click Next

My question is, RAID 0 drives were those two showing 953.9GB each but when I try to recover it only selects one drive. Would it recover data from both drives?



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Hello Alfonso,

As you say, the RAID volume was deleted via Windows' Disk Management. Was it a dynamic disk volume then? Or some other "software" RAID? As the software detected 2 disk volume instead of 1, it may not restore its contents properly from both disks. Also, the program did not detect the volumes as dynamic, which is also not good for recovery. As much as we wish to help you to get your data restored, chances for successful restoration using Recovery Expert are not very high.

If the format wasn't Ext4, I'd suggested you a different Acronis product, Acronis Revive (guide). Can you confirm that the disk volume was indeed Ext4?