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Recovery Expert scan.log

Thread needs solution
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Hi all, I'm new in this forum. English isn't my native language, sorry.

I'm looking for deleted files on a deleted volume,

I've already recovered files (~140 000 / 290 Gio), but without folder structure., that"s why I try Recovery Expert (AAD build

It scans now for three days (from unixlike rescue media), for lost volumes and maybe it will take days more.
I'm looking for a way to save scan logfile for future use, is it possible ?


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Hello SlowRabbit,

Unfortunately it is not possible neither to save a log/journal of the operation, nor save scan results for the future reuse.

In addition to Recovery Expert, which works at partition level, I suggest you to try TestDisk - absolutely free, yet powerful tool to restore deleted partitions, files and folders.



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Hi, thx

s said, I've already recover files without folder structure, and with TestDisk.

I'm still looking for a way to  solve my problem.