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A Recovery Question

Thread needs solution
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While i was trying to format my computer, i wanted to delete SSD ( C and recovery ) ( OS ) partitions. But when i finish deleting, i saw that i deleted HDD ( D and E ) partitions. After that i didn't formatted HDD Partitions and checked from internet. People directed me to Acronis Disk Director 12.

When i want to recover my HDD partitions with DD 12, search results are so crowded. DD showed up to many partitions. When i select one, others change to invalid. The problem is that Which one i should select. One of them is same size with my deleted one partition but i couldn't see other one. Others are full of HDD size...

Can you help me pls?

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Hello Ahmet,

Welcome to Acronis forums! You may want trying to recover the volumes in manual mode, see for details.

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I basically have the same question and I have tried to select the first and second available deleted volume on separate trials. Both times, they end up with a recovered partition that's blank and cannot be read in window explorer.

I have tried the manual and auto method and results are the same.

I have tried using Ubuntu but the volume shows up as unrecognized format. I have tried using the onboard change partition type to NTFS.

I have tried running the program straight from within win 10 as well as usb boot into win PE

I am using Disk Director 12 updated to the newest version ( Not 12.5 ) and Win 10

My hard disk is a Seagate 2 TB with 1.5 Gig worth of pictures.

Because Acronis Disk Director will not proceed further without finding a deleted partition, I have since deleted the " recovered blank volume. The pictures are still there according to other free trial date recovery software but I would really like to recover them with my newly purchased Acronis.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

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Here are the steps for the best method to recover accidentally deleted partitions that have not been overwritten:

1. Delete any failed recovered partitions on the disk so it is all unallocated space.

2. Run the Recovery Expert.

3. Select the Manual method.

4. In the list of disks click on the Unallocated Space.

5. Select the Fast search method.

6. You should very quickly see the deleted partitions. Select them and try to recover.

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Thank you for your reply. I think I have messed up the situation further by choosing the wrong partition to begin with and then using window's disk manager to delete the partition to make all space become unallocated.

I have done it two or three times, so now I have intersected partitions ??

Make long story short, quick manual method will show a volume of 4.75 Gigabyte, the size of a DVD.

I have let the program run under complete mode for over 8 hours period and it only finished about 1/5 of the total capacity of the disk. So, I quit.

I have tried with another disk of 160 Gigabyte and it recovered the partition almost instantly.

I think it has nothing to do with the size of the disk but  the way I choose the partition to recover matters a lot.

The interface of the program is quite confusing for a beginner like me. The manual should have told the end user that, unless you see the word "Volume" which indicate a partition, other than that, they are just scan in progress.

I have no intention to use the complete method, it is too slow, period.

This software works but it needs a better user manual for sure.

Again thank you for your replay. Cheers.

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I agree not to use the slow method. If the program doesn't recover the partition immediately, you're in trouble.