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Removing ADD11 files

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I have found some files for ADD11 on my hard drive, but I cannot find an uninstall entry in the Uninstall Programs utility, and there is no desktop icon for ADD11. Nor is there an appropriate entry in the Acronis folder under "All Apps" in the Start button. I'm looking to install ADD12, and have noted the instruction to uninstall previous versions of ADD before doing so.

Can I just delete the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\DiskDirector", its contents, and the OSS subfolder and contents?

Some useful and probably relevant info:

The DiskDirector folder identified above is dated 2013-09-01. Its contents (the ADD files) are dated September 2010. This suggests to me that I installed ADD11 shortly after I built my current system using Win 7 Home x64 in July of 2013.

I don't recall whether I had occasion to use ADD11 while running Win 7, or what the results were if I did. I did not install the boot selector. I'm pretty sure that the ADD11 icon did appear on my Win 7 desktop.

Last January, I upgraded Win 7 to Win 10 v1511. A couple of weeks ago, I went looking for the ADD11 desktop icon and didn't find it, so I tried to launch the executable from Windows Explorer. It refused to run; unfortunately, I did not make a note of the error message. I do recall that it was somewhat cryptic.

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Hello Rob,

Please use the instructions from the following article to remove all entries of the software.

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I'm confused. I'm wanting to remove the remains of an installation of ADD11 from my system. I don't want to remove my existing ATI2016 installation. The link you provided indicates it will remove the latter; nowhere do I see any indication that the cleanup utility you have offered is applicable to any of the Disk Director products.

Why am I using a cleanup utility aimed at the ATI products to clean up a ADD installation?