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Rescue Media doesn't work properly with version 12.5

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I used Acronis Disk Director Version 12.5 to create a USB rescue disk.  I have Acronis True Image Version 2020 and Acronis Disk Director Version 12.5 installed on the machine so I selected both applications in the media builder tool.  and chose the Windows like presentation .The tool completed successfully and the task finished writing the information to the USB flash drive.

When I attempt to boot up the machine on the USB flash drive an attempt is made to load the Acronis Boot Menu but it fails and displays the following message:

     FXAcronisApp: unable to set video mode 640X480X4

     Acronis Loader: unable to run boot menu

     Press Enter to Continue

When you press enter the USB disk proceeds to load Acronis True Image Version 2020 just fine.  However, Disk Director Version 12.5 will not load.  If I choose to boot up using the UEFI process on the flash drive the screen flashes momentarily and reverts back to the system bios boot selection screen.

The monitor that I have on this machine is an ASUS PB278QV 27" 2560X1440 2K monitor and the video card is a Gigabyte Radeon RX590 Gaming card with 8Gb of video ram memory.  Now what is interesting is that the same USB flash drive boots up just fine on another machine with a 1080P 27" ASUS monitor and a Nvidia 1050TI video card so I am assuming that the resolution of the boot menu is the problem.

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Hello Virgil ,

I'd suggest using the custom WinPE-based Media Builder developed by our MVPs It allows putting up to six Acronis products in a single WinPE and I didn't see any issues with this media.