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Should the boot drive be the “Active” drive?

Thread needs solution
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I have several physical drives in my system and most of them have more than one partition.

I only run one OS i.e Windows 10 (Build 1903) which runs on an SSD (drive C).

My user account files have been relocated from the default to a larger HDD with separate partitions for Documents (Drive D), Email (Drive E), Pictures (Drive P) and Videos (Drive V). This makes backup tasks much quicker as I have separate tasks for each partition.

I don’t use DD12 very often but needed to today and while there was surprised to see the red “make not active” on the partition used for Documents (Drive D).

Why would my documents folder be the active partition? I had always assumed my C drive would be the active partition.

Ive just noticed that most of the drives are Basic GPT but the drive with all my data partitions is Basic MBR.

Should I make the D partition not active and convert all the Basic MBR drives to Basic GPT?

Thanks for your time.


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Hi Board Room,

You might find the thread link below of interest, looks very similar to your situation

Main (C) drive isn't marked as active

" if your system reserved isn't marked as active, I would guess you had both hdd in PC when you installed windows on C and it decided to use that for the boot partition, not C. It is only a problem if you later remove the hdd and find C doesn't boot anymore."