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Single drive is seen as two separate physical disks. How to reset?

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I have a single 4TB drive that was once part of a storage pool (a two disk mirror).

I want to reuse the drive but when connected it is showing as two separate physical disks under disk management.  One is 2TB the other is 1.639TB. Both Basic GPT.

How do I reset the disc to a single 4TB?

I've not seen this happen before where one physical drive with two separate partitions is seen as two physical drives. Any idea what’s going on here?



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Just an update in case anyone comes across this issue. I had the drive connected via a SATA to USB adaptor. Once I had freed up an internal SATA port and could connect it directly the drive was then visible as a single drive.

This revealed a limitation of the USB bridge that I dont understand.

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Board Room, thank you for the update with your resolution for this issue, which is good to know and may be able to help others