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Thread needs solution
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I am using DD 12.5, Windows 10 on an ASUS Laptop with a 1Tb SSD drive (Data)(3 partitions)  and a 500Gb M2 C: drive (OS).

My 1Tb drive has 3 partitions (left to right) DATA, software BACKUPS and a formated  NTFS space. From with in DD12.5, I am merging the BACKUP (160Gb)  and Formated NFTS (100Gb).

The plan is to merge the DATA and NFTS partitions, and then to resize them down to 60Gb, and increase the DATA partition, by 100Gb.

Erything went great the initial process in DD12.5,  everything hit 100%,  now the wheel on my  ASUS LOGO START PAGE has been spinning for 2+ hours.

The question I have is this is this normal, and how long should the process take to MERGE the 160 and 100Gb SSD partitions?

Thanks in advance for assisting this Newbie questions!

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Hello Daniel

thank you so much for your posting!

This is definitely not right. I would suggest re-start the PC and open a ticket with Acronis support to find out what could have cause the issue. 
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Thank you!