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Trying to clone a GPT partition, how do I do this?

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 Hello all,

I'm trying to clone a 2TB drive over to a new 4TB drive (3.6 usable), and the drive I want to clone is a 2TB GPT partition, but it doesn't give me the option to clone the drive?

 If I convert the 2TB drive to MBR it wants to turn my 4TB drive into a 2 Tb drive?


I'm confused.


 What's the best way to clone my 2TB drive ONTO my 4TB drive using Disk Director 12.



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Hello Robert,

thank you for your posting! In Acronis Disk Director cloning is available for basic MBR disks only. I'd suggest installing a free trial of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office and migrating your data using the backup\recovery approach instead of cloning. Create a backup of the desired data and then recover to a new drive.