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Unexpected delay before starting DD 12 (bootable media)

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When I start the bootable media (Linux version provided by Acronis) I have to wait 1' 45" between the selection of the desired version of Acronis Disk Director (either 32 or 64 bits) on the screen and the actual loading of the software. In the meantime the processor seems to be rather active (sound of the fan) and the disk activity LED is always on without blinking. Is this normal?



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Hello JackV,

Welcome to Acronis forums! Hm, 1' 45"  looks as an adequate time to load for me..However, if you notice such behavior only when using Acronis Bootable Media (by the way, how is your drive performing during the backup/recovery/other job when booted into Acronis?) I would do the following tests:

1. Try to boot your media with the different kernel parameters

  • Hit F11 key either on the selection screen or when Starting Acronis Loader...message appears
  • Modify the Kernel Settings (remove the word quiet and type the following parameters acpi=off noapic) and click OK to proceed

 2. Try to boot with a WinPE-based bootable media.

Generally, I'd also check the drive for errors with chkdsk /f /r and scandisk.

Thank you,

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Hello Ekaterina,

Thank you for your reply.

According to your advice I did some tests.

1. Booting ADD12 with modified kernel settings (acpi=off noapic):
The same behaviour occurs as booting without the modified settings.
Instead of loading DD12, after a delay of again 1'45" and quite a list of executed commands, the OS is probably expecting a command by me to start loading DD12 which I'm not familiar with.

2. chkdsk /f /r: no errors found

3. Booting ADD12 without modified kernel settings on my desktop (also equipped with a SSD):
The system is waiting about 25" before loading Acronis.

4. Booting ADD11.V2 on my laptop without modified kernel settings:
The system is waiting about 25" before loading Acronis DD11.

5. Booting ADD11.V2 on my desktop without modified kernel settings:
The system is waiting about 18" before loading DD11.

6. Booting ADD12 WinPE version on my laptop:
The system boots and starts loading DD12 without any delay.

Because there are no problems at all with the performance of my SSD drive of my laptop during copying with Acronis, there should be something DD12 is waiting for to proceed.
Of coarse it is no big problem at all but I'm still surprised that I have to wait 1'20" extra compared to the delay in Acronis DD11.V2.

Thank you,