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Acronis Disk Monitor does not recognize any of my HDDs completely

Thread needs solution
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I have several different HDD:

Western Digital (SATA2)
Seagate (SATA3)

None of them is fully recognized: "days of use" and "temperature" are not showed ("0 days" and "not supported" appears). In S.M.A.R.T. parameters view there are only 3 or 4 parameters with the title "(Unknown Attribute)" with abnormal values.

I suspect the problem is the disks controller, in my case I have an Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard with the Intel C600 chipset as the disks controller.

Can Acronis Disk Monitor supports this hardware in the future or there is any way to make it work?

Greetings and thanks in advance.


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No solution?

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SSD drives do not have a temperature parameter, so it is no surprise those attributes aren't shown, however days of use should be showing a figure.

It does support my Crucial C300 SSD drive on an AMD motherboard, and I would have thought that wouldn't make much difference as it uses a combination of Windows to recognise the drives and the drive itself to get other parameters.

I don't think Acronis are planning on doing much if anything to ADM, you might be better of downloading Hard Disk Sentinel if you only need to check your disk health. Note, True Image 2012,2013 and ABR11 do not recognise ADM so the backup alerts don't work with these programs.

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Hello Colin,

Thanks for response.

It's seems that the develop of this software is stopped. I think that is a good software: simple and functional, but if there isn't a team working continously on it to support new hardware, users with new PCs have to wait until a new version is launched. It's a free app and free seems to mean: we will work in it if there is no other better thing to do.

It's normal and comprensive and we have to options: wait or use other software. Hard Disk Sentinel is a very good software, very complete solution. I will give it a try.