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Acronis Drive Monitor does not recognize ATI Home 2011 backup

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I recently installed ATI Home 2011 to replace ATI Home 2009. Also I have Acronis Drive Monitor installed.
After I moved to ATIH 2011, and performed a full backup, ADM started reporting that 'no backup has been created within the last week'. In fact there were at least four different backups that had been created in the past week, on the internal disk that I use for backup - two file-level backups using 2009, one whole disk backup using 2009, and a whole disk backup using 2011. It seems ADM became blind ot the 2009 backups when 2011 was installed, but failed to pick up the 2011 backup. (Or maybe the 2011 installation just messes up the backup-detector of ADM?)
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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Hello Harry!

Thank you for finding time to open the thread regarding the issue. I understand how inconvenient the situation is, and will do m y best to assist you.

It looks like Drive Monitor failed to get correctly integrated. There can be several reasons for it, but before we proceed with the investigation, I would like to offer you a couple of workarounds:

  1. Reinstall Acronis Drive Monitor
    During the re-installation the product should properly detect installed Acronis True Image Home 2011, and correct the integration
  2. Next time you're going to make a backup, open the Backup tab in the Acronis Drive Monitor and press Backup now.
    It should get you to the backup screen of Acronis True Image Home 2011, and perform a backup. After this operation the integration should get repaired.

Should the issue remain, please, gather Acronis Info and send it to us, we will review the situation.

Should you need anything else or have any further questions - feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, we will be happy to help you!

Thank you!