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ADATA SSD soft read errror rate

Thread needs solution
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I have a brand new ADAT SSD 2,5´ 6Gb/S S510 120GB (3 weeks old used as boot C with Win 7 x32

First i get the temperature over 100 Celsius --> definitiv false becaus disk cold no problem i set it to ignore

but whats about the sof read error rate that increases very few minutes is this normal working or should i return the drive?

best regards

Read Error Rate,9313428,94,50,OK
Reallocated Sectors Count,0,100,3,OK
Power-On Hours (POH),102855876804671,100,0,OK
Power Cycle Count,45,100,0,OK
Program Fail Count,0,0,0,OK
Erase Fail Count,0,0,0,OK
Unexpected Power Loss,7,0,0,OK
Wear Leveling Count,0,0,0,OK
Program Fail Count,0,0,0,OK
Erase Fail Count,0,0,0,OK
Reported Uncorrectable Errors,0,100,0,OK
Hardware ECC Recovered,9313428,120,0,OK
Reallocation Event Count,0,100,3,OK
Soft Read Error Rate,9313428,120,0,Verschlechterung
Soft ECC Correction,9313428,120,0,OK
GMR Head Amplitude,100,100,0,OK
Power-On Time,207,0,0,OK
Uncorrectable ECC Count,279,0,0,OK
Total LBAs Written,279,0,0,OK
Total LBAs Read,298,0,0,OK

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The trouble with SSD's is that they don't report the same things as magnetic based drives. Where they don't report something, ADM makes up it own entries.

For example SSD's by definition don't have heads so that information isn't sent by the drive and as you can see ADM made it's own entry up.

Wear leveling though is an SSD parameter.

It is also possible that your drive either doesn't use that parameter or it uses that parameter ID number for something else and ADM isn't up to date enough to know the difference.

Check your SSD manufacturers website and see if they have a document listing the SMART parameters for your model.

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Same problem here with same drives.
2x ADATA S510 120GB

Temperature >100C and sof read error rate - raporting errors.
Drive is working corectly.