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ADM Does Not Support Promise TX2 ATA133 (PATA133) PCI Hard Drive Controller

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I have a Custom built 2002 computer running Windows XP Pro using a Promise TX2 ATA133 (PATA133) PCI hard drive controller.  Sadly, I must report that Acronis Drive Monitor v1.0.507 does not support the Promise controller. 

However, my bought utility HdHeartBeat2 does so I already have an alternate solution.  Interestingly, the HDHB2 can read the SMART information not only for a 300GB PATA drive, but also for a 1TB SATA drive connected using a VIN Digital SATA to IDE converter.  I take this to mean that SMART information is preserved whenever an SATA drive is converted to work with a PATA controller.

But HDHB2 has never supported USB hard drives and Acronis Drive Monitor does. Thus I have full coverage of all my hard drives for the first time thanks to both of them.  It's just a shame that it takes two separate utilities to do the job.

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