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ADM does not work for a bog standard Dell XPS 420 system

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Having used Acronis Home Image for a while (not without some problems I might add) I decided I would try ADM today so I downloaded it and was amazed to find it cannot access the SMART data from any of the three WD drives I have installed. These drives (WDC WD1001FALS and WD5000KS) are all absolutely "run of the mill" SATA drives and they are all running off the inbuilt SATA controller. The computer is a standard DELL XPS 420 running Win 7 64 bit Home Premium.
The hard disk controller is an Intel ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/Do RAID Controller but the disks are being used as normal SATA drives and not in any RAID configuiration. Hard Disk Sentinal has no problem reporting all the SMART data from these drives and has done so for ages - surely ADM should be able to do this? The machine is at least 2 years old now, so I'm certainly not on the bleeding edge of technology either. Any comments/observations from anyone?

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Are your Sata drives set up as AHCI or IDE in the BIOS?

Just wondering if ADM is having a problem with AHCI.