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ADM reports bogus S.M.A.R.T values?

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I have a Seagate ST9500420AS hard drive. ADM reports the health is 60% based on

Read Error Rate,116644977,116,34,OK
Spin-Up Time,0,100,0,OK
Start/Stop Count,72,100,20,OK
Reallocated Sectors Count,0,100,36,OK
Seek Error Rate,344258502,85,30,OK
Power-On Hours (POH),127908421055667,85,0,OK
Spin Retry Count,0,100,97,OK
Power Cycle Count,66,100,20,OK
End-to-End error,0,100,99,OK
Reported Uncorrectable Errors,0,100,0,OK
Command Timeout,0,100,0,OK
High Fly Writes,0,100,0,OK
Airflow Temperature,706347043,65,45,OK
G-sense error rate,27,100,0,OK
Power-off Retract Count,862,100,0,OK
Load/Unload Cycle Count,47412,77,0,OK
Hardware ECC Recovered,116644977,44,0,OK
Reallocation Event Count,182819577934896,85,30,Fail
Current Pending Sector Count,0,100,0,OK
Uncorrectable Sector Count,0,100,0,OK
UltraDMA CRC Error Count,0,200,0,OK
Free Fall Protection,0,100,0,OK

Notice that the POH and Reallocation Event Count are unrealistic values and furthermore the Reallocation Event Count increases and *decreases* every minute. HWiNFO32 reports the REC value as 13318.

Is ADM reporting some bogus values? Is the disk failing?

Thanks for any input.

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I don't know the answer to your question. Has ADM been reporting correct figures in the past and suddenly this is now happening?

The only suggestion I can offer, is to download Hard Disk Sentinel (free) and see if it reports the same. There maybe minor difference in the figures it reports as each drive manufacturer makes up their own parameters algorithms to some extent and correspondingly each software vendor uses a slightly different algorithm to convert the readings.

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Thanks for the reply.
ADM reported (what I believe are) bogus values as soon as I installed it last week. If I check the S.M.A.R.T. values with HWiNFO32 I see

ST9500420AS ---------------------------------------------------------------
[Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)]
[01] Raw Read Error Rate: 115/34, Worst: 99 (Data = 96057128)
[03] Spin Up Time: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[04] Start/Stop Count: 100/20, Worst: 100 (Data = 72)
[05] Reallocated Sector Count: 100/36, Worst: 100
[07] Seek Error Rate: 85/30, Worst: 60 (Data = 346932637)
[09] Power-On Hours/Cycle Count: 85/Always OK, Worst: 85 (Data = 13588)
[0A] Spin Retry Count: 100/97, Worst: 100
[0C] Power Cycle Count: 100/20, Worst: 100 (Data = 66)
[B8] End to End Error Detection Count: 100/99, Worst: 100
[BB] Reported Uncorrectable Errors: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[BC] Command Timeout: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[BD] High Fly Writes 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[BE] Airflow Temperature / Exceed Count: 65/45, Worst: 55 (Data = 35.0 °C)
[BF] G-Sense Error Rate: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 27)
[C0] Power-Off Retract Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 862)
[C1] Load/Unload Cycle Count: 77/Always OK, Worst: 77 (Data = 47518)
[C2] Temperature 35/Always OK, Worst: 45 (Data = 35.0 °C)
[C3] Hardware ECC Recovered: 42/Always OK, Worst: 40 (Data = 96057128)
[C4] Reallocation Event Count: 85/30, Worst: 85 (Data = 13457)
[C5] Current Pending Sector Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[C6] Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[C7] UltraDMA/SATA CRC Error Rate: 200/Always OK, Worst: 200
[FE] Free Fall Protection: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100

At the same time, ADM reports a Critical Error because of
Reallocation Event Count,204152680494226,85,30,Fail

So, is the REC parameter really what ADM reports or what HWiNFO32 reports?

Is the disk in fact failing?


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Let me add a bit more information to my post. I cloned the suspect (?) disk using Acronis True Image Home 2012 to a new SATA hybrid disk. I mounted the old disk in a USB enclosure where it passed the Seagate diagnostics. CHKDSK reported a minor problem that unallocated space was marked as allocated, but it was able to fix the problem. ADM *still* reports that the disk fails the Reallocation Event Count with some obviously bogus value. If I tell ADM to ignore that S.M.A.R.T. parameter, ADM reports the disk health at 100%.

I conclude that the ADM report for that parameter for my disk is probably wrong and the disk was probably not failing. But I now have a new 750GB hybrid disk and am using the old disk for backups.

Thanks to Colin B for his help.