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adm_tray.exe - problem

Thread needs solution
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I'm not using Acronis anymore, and have uninstall all. Still today (9 months after uninstall) I still have adm_tray.exe on my start up!?? I know how to disable in start up, but would like to remove it completely!
Didn't find any solution here or online. In system tray it is located in C/program files/Acronis/DriveMonitor/adm_tray.exe
But I do not have such folder in windows !??? (because I've uninstalled all 9 months ago!)
So, why deinstalled Acronis didn't remove this file too?
PLEASE can someone advice how to remove it? (from W7 CurrentVersion Run) (please see attach. files)

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I think your problem is really that the uninstall just failed to remove the reigstry entry in the current run key. Just delete the key and it should disappear. ADM doesn't replace any crucial Windows files nor is it required for booting, so just deleting the entry is fine.