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Alert mail not working?

Thread needs solution
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I have installed Acronis Drive Monitor and it seems that the Alert mail won't work.

I have set it and if I send a test message I get it. But it won't alert me about the HDD that is on 94% health.

How do I set it so that it sends me an email in case the HDD's health is less than 100%?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello G F,

Thank you for your posting! Email notifications in Acronis Drive Monitor are sent only in two cases:

  • You may receive messages when a critical event/warning appears in Windows Event Viewer. Such messages will be sent when a problem occurs, and no new alerts will be sent until a system status is restored to OK, or a problem becomes more serious for the disk. This option is enabled by default. The list of the events can be configured by the user (see 3.4.1 Critical Events monitoring configuration in the userguide);
  • You may receive regular disk status reports with specified periodicity (see Regular reports schedule (p. 22) section for details).

Thank you,