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Correcting the volsnap event ID 36 error problem

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Have ADM installed on my home primary desktop, which has multiple drives, and is running both Vista and Win7, but only have ADM installed in Win7.

After startup in Win7, get a popup from ADM indicating low risk critical event (ID 36) regarding inability to grow shadow copy space, specifically mentioning volsnap.

So, I went into the System Protection panel and increased my available space to 15%. Rebooted. Same error.

I went back in and increased to 20%. Rebooted. Same error.

So, how do I find out how much space I DO have to reserve in order to stop getting this volsnap error?

Also, I checked the Volume Shadow Copy service, and it was marked as Manual -- but was not running. I've seen recommendations to set this to Manual (started), but can't find a setting to do that. However, I could change it to Automatic -- if that will fix this problem.

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Hello Mark,

Let me assist you.

Since the error you have is Windows-related, I may suggest you to contact Microsoft Support.

You can also configure Acronis Drive Monitor to ignore this event. Please check this KB article for the details on how to do that.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you.

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I can also suggest this article on the configuration of log monitoring:

Also with brief search on google I found a couple of apparently relevant articles:

Is this the error you have received? Did you try to apply these solutions?

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Thanks for the tip ... but the file is in ... \All Users\ and Win7 won't let me edit it.

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I already used the vssadmin command and boosted my saved space to 20% of the drive. I really don't want to use more than that (since I use ATI Home to do image backups, so I don't really NEED Restore Points), which is why I was asking how big I needed to make the space for it to quite complaining.

As to the third link, it is ONLY for Windows Server 2008. Those right-click options simply do not exist in Windows 7.

The error I received was the low risk volsnap event 36 message, that's all