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Critical Event but no disk ID.

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So I get this Critical Event error, 3 of them all at about the same time and the only details ADM provides is pasted below. Nowhere can I find which of my 6 hard drives this error belongs to.
Anyone got a clue how to interpret this? Do I have to run checkdisk on all 6 of my drives? I don't see any indication of the error on the disc summaries under the events tab either.

Event type: 1
Event source: Disk
Event category: 0
Event code: 7
Date: 2012/02/28
Time: 09:53:51
Description: The device, \Device\Harddisk11\DR12, has a bad block.

Another thing that bugs me is why can't ADM provide the volume labels in addition to the letter?

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Did you have an external drive plugged in at the time of the error message? This includes USB flash and SD cards.

Does Windows Event Manager have any further information?