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Does Drive Monitor also send email notifications when/after an internal HD disappears/goes offline without prior symptoms?

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Does anybody know if "Drive Monitor" sends email notification when some internal drive disappears, or will it only send a notification when the drive exhibits S.M.A.R.T errors and seems to be failing?

My problem is related to an INTERNAL drive that behaves erratically: while all the disk diagnostic tests show it works perfectly, it sometimes disappears from the system and then comes back online a few days later. I still don't know if it's a MoBo issue-I've changes SATA cables and SATA ports to no avail, and it's the only drive that disappears (I have 3 internal disks on that system)

since it's just data storage (no software or OS on it) when this happens it goes unnoticed most of the times and I haven't found a way to predict it so it would be good if I could monitor its disappearances!

Thank you!

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