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Drive Monitor monitors HDDs even though it is deactivated

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Hi, we have 2 problems with drive monitor on our Server SBS2011.

1: It monitors a Raid 1 Harddrive even though the monitoring on THAT HDD pair is deactivated. The Status of the Harddrive sometimes appears to be good and then suddenly goes to bad condition (even though the monitoring is deactivated ;-) )..

2: We also have the problem that every HDD problem reports the failure of the not monitored HDD. So we have to delete EVERY single failure one after another which takes a quite long time.

Does anybody have or had the same problem like this, where non monitored devices are being monitored?...

Kind regards.

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I can't help you very much I'm afraid, as i don't use a RAID system. Unfortunately it seems that Acronis aren't actively doing much with ADM so support is more or less non existent.