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Email Alerts Broken for Anonymous SMTP Servers

Thread needs solution
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Tried these setups
1- Fresh new install NO UPDATES with or without firewall
2- Fresh new install + All Windows Updates with or without firewalls

email server is an externally provided ultra basic unencrypted unauthenticated smtp server for which every other piece of email/alerting software in the company work flawlessly
- intrusion detection
- several raid alerting sortware
- email clients
- video surveillance software

Whatever the settings I use, test emails always fail.

No errors are logged nowhere in the windows log..

Using wireshark it seems that ADM ALWAYS SENDS an AUTH LOGIN command event though I DO NOT SPECIFY ANY LOGIN INFORMATION : it's an anonymous smtp server

This should have been caught early in QA... But hey, it's never too late !!!

Thanks in advance for fixing this shameful bug


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Moved to correct thread.

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I think you posted into the wrong forum, what problem are you having with 2011:6696?

@Yo Man,

Is your problem with ADM or TIH2011?

If with 2011, if you edit your post, you'll be able to transfer this complete thread to the TIH forum where more people will see it.