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Event log (after setting drive montior to use F) is using C not the expected F unit of measurement

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This is a fix/feature request for an observed problem.

OK, I'm not a scientist nor live in Europe, so I'm very used to the the Fahrenheit scale instead of the Celsius. What I noticed is even after setting, via the option, the temperature monitoring unit of measure from Celsius to Fahrenheit, the event log still reports in Celsius.

While this might not be a large issue to some, it is to me, as I'm monitor different drives and they have different operating temperatures. Hence, the values I see and can accept change depending upon the drive. While I know the Fahrenheit value, the event log reports also the actual temperature, which I don't know (unless I compute it out in my head).

Thing is -- for me -- the reason why I can't get over the conversion hump is I don't use temperatures very much. So when I was young, I learned what a Fahrenheit temperature mean and can recall it via my memory (e..g 32 degree is cold, but 0 is even colder) or 212 F is boiling hot. I just don't have that memory for the Celsius. To me 100 C sounds like a little too cool for my hot tube. Right?? Wrong, but that is how my mind says it should be .. 100 is cool for a hot tub and 212 is good for cooking.

Unless I was to use or have Celsius in front of me daily, I'm not going to get the memory response needed to convert, IMHO.

> > > > > > > So, if you're still with me .. please! Have the event log honor the temperature
> > > > > > > monitor / Unit of temperature setting, please!

Bert Moshier

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Which log are you referring to, the one under the Events tab for the disk, the Events under Windows Event Manager or the actual XML log file?

Does the temperature display in the correct units on the Disk Overview tab?